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Weighted Lap Pad

Weighted Lap Pad

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The main purpose of the weighted lap pad is to relieve stress and increase concentration. It stimulates the proprioceptive and tactile systems, promotes better sensation and perception of one’s own body, the formation of the body scheme.

Lifting the load after a while will also be a source of sensory stimulation, as it will change the perception of the nervous system, which has adapted to the extra weight.

The weighted lap pad can be used also as the touch exercise machine.

For example, spread a pillow on the floor and walk on it without shoes; roll over it or keep your balance.

The lap pad is divided into square sections in which bags with a filler are located. This allows you to evenly distribute or change the weight. The use of a burdened pillow involves working with the following issues: autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD),

Material: fine twill, spunbond, polypropylene granules, quality sewing accessories.

Size: mm: 62042040.

Weight: kg: 2 (+/- 0,1).

Weight of the filler: kg: 2.

Weight of the one weighting bag, g: 166 (+/- 10).

Complete set: cover from cotton – 1 pc, weighting bags – 12 pcs.

Age: 3+.