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Vema Weighted Blanket 6kg

Vema Weighted Blanket 6kg

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The weighted blanket for sensory integration is a blanket with extra weight that provides proprioceptive pressure on the whole body. The proprioceptive system is the body’s sensory system, which is responsible for the body’s internal and external signals from musclesand joints. The right therapeutic effect directed at this system helps to relieve physical and emotional stress. The feeling of deep pressure helps to calm down. The weighted blanket can be used as a tool for adaptation during rest at home, in educational, rehabilitation and medical centers.

The blanket is sewn into square sections, in which there are bags with filler. This allows you to evenly distribute the weight of the blanket throughout the body, while the blanket does not get lost in the pile. If necessary, you can change or redistribute the weight. The filler is hypoallergenic, non-toxic and odorless.

The cover is made of first-class velor – very nice and gentle to the touch.

The use of a weighted blanket for sensory integration involves working on the following conditions: autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), minimal brain dysfunction (MMD), mental retardation (RV).

The weight of the weighted blanket for sensory integration is selected individually. The recommended weight of the blanket in the area of embossing on the body should be 15 % of body weight.

Material: fine twill, spunbond, polypropylene granules, quality sewing accessories, pile fabric (when ordering the cover).

Size: mm: 1000148025 / 1500198025 / 1500248025.

Weight: 6KG

Complete set: cover from cotton – 1 piece

Age: 3+.