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MEGA BAFF PACK (Version 1)

MEGA BAFF PACK (Version 1)

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RRP of contents - Worth £35.00
2 x 150g Green Slime Baff
2 x 150g Red Gelli Baff
2 x 150g Orange Slime Baff
2 x 150g Gelli Baff Dissolver
6 x Crackle Baff Sachets


Get ready for the ultimate bath time fun with Zimpli Kids Mega Baff Pack! Perfect for a unique, sensory bath time experience!

Gelli Baff turns your water into a fun colourful goo and back again!

Slime Baff Magically transforms your bath water into a gooey, oozy bath of Slime! away.

Crackle Baff - Make your bath water crackle and pop!

Skin safe, drain safe, easy clean, stain free & UK made.

Our powder is certified biodegradable!