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Liquid Floor Tiles

Liquid Floor Tiles

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  • Available in Red/Blue, Green/Yellow, Blue/White, Orange/Yellow, these liquid floor tiles make a bright and funky room decoration with vivid colours and ever changing shapes.
  • The coloured liquid in each tile disperses when you put pressure on it forming unique new patterns.
  • Ideal for use in sensory rooms or environments, the bright colours and ever changing shapes encourage visual stimulation as well as movement and torch.
  • With a robust plastic coating on the face of each tile, they're sturdy enough to stand up to regular pressure being exerted and the soft cushioned backs are non slip, gripping onto smoother surfaces for stability.
  • Cushioned non slip backing
  • Flexible Recommended for use on floor only as placing on walls will cause the liquid to gather at the bottom of the tile

A wonderful visual and tactile light up experience that really will encourage you to move
around and explore the surfaces. Each of these small, backlit tiles are filled with a liquid gel. Every step or movement will cause the liquid gel to shift in an array of patterns.

They will withstand jumping on and strenuous use by children and adults as well as the weight of wheelchairs. Can also be used on a table top of any flat surface. Simply apply a little pressure to create a dramatic visual effect.

A very high-quality unique product and a wonderful resource for a sensory room or to create a mini platform in the room
to give a child their special space.


  • Backlit tactile floor tile
  • Every step & movement causes the colours to shift in an array of patterns
  • Can also be used on a table top of any flat surface
  • Waterproof, non slip and can carry loads up to 500 kg per tile

Size :Approx 30/30 cm

Colour: Multiple colours

Usage: Visual effects

Weight: Approx: 3.5 kg