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Extended Wooden Therapeutic Sensory Climb System Set

Extended Wooden Therapeutic Sensory Climb System Set

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his is the extended
version of our Basic Wooden Therapeutic Sensory Climb System and comes with added
features. It is used for developing bilateral motor co-ordination, balance
reflexes, visuomotor co-ordination, tonic (especially labyrinthine) reflex
integration, improving postural (flexor and extensor) muscle tone and general
stimulation of the nervous system through strong activation of the vestibular
and proprioceptive system receptors.


  •          Slide can be used for sliding down or
    climbing up. It safe and stable due to its wide foundation.
  •          The Wooden ladder and the climbing net
    is used for helping children overcome their fear of heights through Sensory
  •           Climbing
    wall available with either protruding climbing supports or cut out supports
    which enable practicing throwing objects through them.
  •         Space underneath the ladders can be
    used as storage space when storing away the system.
  •          Slide/desk + chair. The Desk can be
    used for educational exercises, drawing etc.

Size: TBC

Product Purpose: Sensory Integration Therapy

Age: TBC

Material: Wood

Weight: TBC 

Assembly: Assembly required